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Student Experience

Goal: $5,000,000

Your gift will transform students' lives through personalized, out of classroom experiences while preparing them for real world success.

Students who participate in high-impact, personalized learning experiences are more successful in their academic and professional careers. Opportunities such as student-faculty research, study abroad, internships and student leadership opportunities increase their confidence and marketability in today?s competitive global workforce.?

Currently, 75% of SUNY Potsdam students participate in some type of out of classroom, high impact experience before they graduate. We want this number to be 100%. With your help, we can create students inspired to impact the world, make history-altering discoveries, create transformational works of art, engage in new heights of civic responsibility, and live life to the fullest.

  1. Student-Faculty Research: You Can Make a Difference Now
    Faculty at Potsdam are committed to engage students actively in research, realizing that such opportunities prepare students for success in future professional endeavors and hold the promise of discovery that can positively impact the world. These positive effects, however, are found more often in students whose faculty mentors have the resources and significant time to spend one-on-one with their students.

    In order to enhance and expand individualized research opportunities for the greatest number of students, SUNY Potsdam needs to significantly expand support for all types of research-related expenses such as stipends, special equipment, travel to field sites to gather data, creation of research presentation displays, and travel to and participation in professional conferences to present research results. Other personalized experiences that are in need of increased funding include student theses, independent studies, exhibitions and special artistic performances and exhibitions.

  2. Internships & Service-Learning: Prepare Students for the Real World
    At SUNY Potsdam, we want students to avoid ?delayed reality.? Internships and Service-Learning (community-based experiences required by a course curriculum) afford students the opportunity to earn academic credit for a structured educational work experience within their discipline. During internships and service-learning opportunities, students develop critical job skills, explore exciting career opportunities, determine whether they?ve made a good career choice, and network with professionals. Many students want to participate in these real-world activities that provide credit toward graduation, particularly summer internships, but lack the financial resources for the cost of credit hours or for the out-or-town travel and living expenses. Providing scholarship funds to pay for internships can reduce the financial burden for students, allowing them to participate in work experience opportunities that might not be possible otherwise.
  3. Co-curricular and Student Leadership Opportunities: Build the Leaders of Tomorrow
    Our students are involved in more than 100 clubs on campus. Programs such as leadership development, volunteerism, student government, athletic programs and diverse campus-wide activities provide a stimulating environment for students? personal, social and intellectual growth. These programs help students find their passion and learn about themselves in ways that shape the decisions they make. Funding for such transformational experiences will support Potsdam?s ability to involve and engage students ? to provide a catalyst for all students to develop the fundamental skills and personal qualities that can lead to success in life.

“I am extremely grateful for the scholarship support that allowed me to live in Albany for the spring semester of my junior year to work as an intern with the New York State Assembly. My scholarships also allowed me to participate in an internship with the Ingram and Ingram Law Firm in Potsdam.  Both experiences strongly factored into my decision to go to law school and into the career I have today.”

-Amy J. Kellogg, Class of 1999, Partner, Harter, Secrest & Emery, LLP, Albany, NY