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The Buzz is the Annual Fund for Potsdam's phonathon program. Student callers reach out to family, friends and alumni twice a year in the fall and the spring. We update contact information, talk about happenings on campus, and especially the upcoming Bicentennial in 2016, and ask for your support of SUNY Potsdam with a gift to any area of the campus.

The Annual Fund is the best way to support the greatest needs of the College at the present time. It is the most flexible gift you can make. It makes so many things possible for so many students. It helps make Potsdam the best it can be.

We hope you answer the call and speak with one of current students. If you miss the call and still want to be a part of supporting SUNY Potsdam, just click here.

Returning Fall Callers

  • Kirk Amarh-Kwantreng
  • Louisa Carasco
  • Jason Chivvis
  • Melissa Conflitti
  • Mariel DeLeon
  • Nicholas Doolittle


  • Lauren Haase
  • Stanley Merrit
  • Eric Minsker
  • Brian Moore
  • Ashley Ortiz
  • Ashante Parker
  • Shadie Thompson
  • Iris Tores
  • Atira Wood
Note: Bold names indicate Supervisors.


We are currently taking applications for new callers for the fall 2015 semester. For an application for student work, email

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