The Faculty Handbook is to be used as a convenient source of general information. It is designed as a reference source for policies and procedures, available services and facilities, and other matters of interest at SUNY Potsdam. It is also intended to assist faculty and staff in their day-to-day responsibilities and in understanding their privileges and benefits as a member of the professional staff.

The term Faculty as used in this Handbook includes all employees occupying positions designated by the Chancellor of the State University of New York as being in the unclassified service (i.e., includes all members of the professional staff).

No handbook of this nature can anticipate all contingencies, of course, or can it answer all questions which may arise. Information about matters not covered in the Handbook may be obtained directly from appropriate college officials. In addition, policies and procedures are subject to change from time to time. Whenever such changes occur, appropriate descriptive materials will be forwarded to each member of the faculty for inclusion in the Handbook.

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Message from the President:

Dear Colleague:

This Handbook includes information about the rights, privileges and obligations of faculty employed by SUNY Potsdam. It is intended to answer your questions about policies and procedures.

SUNY Potsdam prides itself on the excellent education and personal service that we provide to our students. Having clear cut policies and procedures, expectations and responsibilities, and holding one another accountable, allows us to focus on what really matters and that is our core mission of education and service. This handbook provides the framework of policy to allow us to focus on these central goals.

Thank you for the role you play in maintaining SUNY Potsdam's tradition of excellence.

Dennis L. Hefner, Interim President

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