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Kilmer Apprenticeship Award Winners

Spring 2016

Natural Sciences, Math & Technology disciplines:

First Place - James Simpkins (Chemistry/Physics): The Synthesis of Cadmium Selenium Quantum Dots, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Linghong Li

Second Place (Tie), Mihael Gerkman, (Chemistry), Synthesis of a Bis-Sulfone for Use as a Polymer Cross-Linker, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Martin Walker & Brianna Hill, (Geology/Archaeology): Mineralogical, Geochemical, and Isotopic Analysis of Massive Pyrite, Tintic Mining District, Utah, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Rygel

Third Place, Kate Grisi, (Geology): Carbon and Sulfur Geochemistry for the Pennsylvanian Joggins formation, Nova Scotia, Canada, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Rygel

Social Science, Professional Studies / Education Projects:

First Place: Cooper Sheldon, (Archaeology/Anthropology), Cultural Landscape Mapping of the Jones Brothers Company, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hadley Kruczek-Aaron

Arts, Humanties & Creative Projects:

First Place: David Kempf, (Composition and Vocal Performance): Five Duets for Two Voices and Two Harmonicas Opus Number 109, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Donald George

Ram Chugh North Country Service & Research Award:

First Place: Nick Avgerinos, (Geology) & Stacia Jeroulis, Mineralogical and Isotopic Study of a Calcite Vein Near Edwards, NY, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christopher Kelson

Second Place: Caitlin Armstrong, (Geology), Identification, Age, and Trace Element Composition of Non-Carbonate Minerals Within a Calcite Vein, Edwards, NY, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christopher Kelson