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The Italian Collection is a one-of-a-kind mix of mid-20th century paintings, sculptures, and works on paper by a myriad of Italian artists from the postwar period.

Few collectors outside of Italy were collecting this art, making this the only known collection of its kind in the United States. The artistic heritage within this collection is rich and complex. The artists represented here are either from distinct artist-groups or worked alone but all worked within the same time period in the same country and therefore provide a unique window into Italian art and culture of the mid-twentieth century.

Many of the artists knew one another and corresponded during their lifetimes. Along with the donation of art came the personal papers of Dr. Roland Gibson and these include numerous correspondences between the patron and the artist or art dealer giving insight into their personal lives. Together with the art, they offer a truly unique study opportunity for students and scholars. A few notable artists included are:

  • Afro Basaldella
  • Giuseppe Capogrossi
  • Zuran Antoni Music
  • Arnoldo & Gio Pomodoro
  • Paolo Scheggi
  • Valeriano Trubbiani
  • Giulio Turcato