SUNY Potsdam faculty member authors eighth book


Biman Das
Dr. Biman Das, professor of physics at SUNY Potsdam, recently authored his eighth book. Titled “Student Pocket Companion for Physics for Scientists & Engineers.”

Dr. Biman Das, professor of physics at SUNY Potsdam, recently authored his eighth book titled “Student Pocket Companion for Physics for Scientists & Engineers,” which was published by Addison-Wesley in September 2008.

The Pocket Companion is designed to be used as a complement to Dr. Douglas C. Giancoli’s “Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics.” It is a study guide that explains each section of the book in simple form that covers basic concepts and formulas and summarizes the main principles.

“Students can get lost in the details of a full text,” said Dr. Das. “The pocket guide helps them pull out the important concepts. It is not meant to replace the text, but rather serve as a study aid. Students need the textbook to see examples and solve problems.”

Dr. Das first showed his interest in writing companion guides in 1999 and since then has authored four books of this type at the request of the publisher. Each book takes about two years to complete from start to finish.

“There is a need for such books,” he said. “They aren’t necessary for all students, but they are helpful for many who use mini-texts of this nature for review of concepts, solving homework assignments and pre-exam review.”

Dr. Das has found students on college campus are recognizing his name from his works.

“I was visiting at a campus outside New York state, and before I could even introduce myself, the student said he recognized my name from the book he was using in his class,” Dr. Das recalled.

His other titles include, “Student Pocket Guide for College Physics” (2006), “Student Pocket Companion for Physics” (2006), “Student Pocket Companion” (2004), “Mathematics for Physics with Calculus” (2004) and “Mathematics for College Physics” (2003).

In addition, Dr. Das published two books on “Inquiry-Based Laboratory Physics” in 2002 and 2003, which were published by Pearson Custom Publishing.

Dr. Das joined SUNY Potsdam in the fall of 1997. He received 2005 President’s Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Endeavors and the 2003 President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching from SUNY Potsdam. He was awarded the university medal from the University of North Bengal for his results in the master’s degree from that institution.

His research interests are in the areas of optics and spectroscopy, nano-particles and light scattering, geophysics and physics education.

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