SUNY Potsdam spring enrollment sees dramatic increase


SUNY Potsdam’s enrollment numbers totaled over 4,000 the week classes began January 25, the highest in five spring semesters.

“Students know that the style of Potsdam’s education is the key to their future.  Today’s economy needs innovative thinkers that have a breadth of skills and come out of college with good writing, speaking and creative problem solving abilities,” said Director of Admissions Tom Nesbitt. “Combining a solid liberal arts and science foundation with creative programming and hands on experiential education makes our graduates very flexible and marketable.”

SUNY Potsdam is also leading the comprehensive colleges in freshman applications, up 13 percent for fall 2010.  SUNY Potsdam is the only SUNY comprehensive to have adopted a test-optional admissions policy which Nesbitt says, “has been a breath of fresh air for students and families. They get a better look at Potsdam and are immediately introduced to the creative, interdisciplinary culture from the start of the admission process. We also have a better system by which to measure the student’s potential success.  It is a win-win.”

The new test-optional policy looks at a variety of information including GPA, academic rigor of coursework taken, essays, letters of recommendation, resumes and interviews allowing for both the college and prospective student to evaluate the fit.

“I am thrilled that more and more students throughout the State are discovering the exceptional opportunities available at SUNY Potsdam,” said Dr. John F. Schwaller, SUNY Potsdam president.   “In these difficult economic times, we are pleased that so many students recognize the great value of the handcrafted education at Potsdam that allows them to successfully navigate a complex future.”