SUNY Potsdam receives Conservation Bookshelf


Treasured objects and artifacts held by the SUNY Potsdam will be preserved for future generations with help from the “IMLS Connecting to Collections Bookshelf,” a core set of conservation books and online resources donated by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).
“The Bookshelf collection is invaluable for the continuing education of our staff,” said Jane Subramanian, librarian and coordinator of the College Archives and Special Collections. “It will provide us with knowledge of important details to improve the housing and care of our collections. In addition, the Bookshelf collection will give our student interns expanded opportunities to enhance their education through training experiences.”

SUNY Potsdam has approximately 23,000 items in its special collections and archives including photographs, legal documents, books, maps, sound and visual recordings, letters and historic objects.
The IMLS Bookshelf focuses on collections typically found in art or history museums and in libraries’ special collections, with an added selection of texts for zoos, aquaria, public gardens and nature centers. It addresses such topics as the philosophy and ethics of collecting, collections management and planning, emergency preparedness and culturally specific conservation issues.

IMLS has now awarded almost 3,000 free sets of the IMLS Bookshelf, in cooperation with the American Association for State and Local History.

SUNY Potsdam traces its roots back to St. Lawrence Academy, which was founded in 1816. This makes it the oldest unit within the State University of New York System. It is well known for its long tradition of teacher training, dating to 1828, with the formal establishment of a teacher department in 1834 as one of only eight academies in the state receiving funding from the state for teacher preparation.
The College’s Crane School of Music is internationally renowned and known as the birthplace of American music education. Founded in 1888 by Julia E. Crane as the Crane Institute of Music, it was one of the first institutions in the country to prepare specialists in teaching music in public school.