SUNY Potsdam's Moerschell authors leadership book


Linda Moerschell

They say that the true test of a leader is how he or she behaves during a crisis. SUNY Potsdam Instructor Dr. Linda Moerschell has authored the book, “The Spontaneous Nature of Leadership Emergence: A Humanitarian Phenomenon Ignited by Sudden and Unexpected Change,” which helps to address that adage.

The research explored whether leadership emergence can be observed in sudden change conditions and what characteristics can identify leadership emergence in real time.

“Analysis of interviews and other qualitative methods found that leadership was a spontaneous and humanitarian phenomenon that integrates compassion, creativity and courage at various points on the event perspective continuum,” said Dr. Moerschell, who teaches for the Departments of Information and Communication Technology and English and Communication.

The book, which presents leadership as a phenomenon captured in minutes and seconds, was written for organizational and government leaders, leadership and management scholars, executive and wilderness leadership trainers, critical incident personnel and those intrigued by complexity science.

The book stemmed from Dr. Moerschell’s doctoral thesis. An international publisher of scholarly work, VDM Verlag, based in Germany, accepted the work for publication.

“The revision process was cumbersome, but I am very happy to have this work exposed to the general public after years of research,” she said.

Dr. Moerschell teaches courses in organizational communication, business communication, public speaking, organizational excellence and change and gap analysis at SUNY Potsdam and Kaplan University. She is the principal in Complex Organizational Systems Consulting.

Dr. Moerschell received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from SUNY Potsdam in 1982. She earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Clarkson University in 2003. 

In 2009, she was awarded her Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences from Walden University in Minnesota. Her specialization is in leadership and organizational change.           

“The Spontaneous Nature of Leadership Emergence” is available through and and can be found in many university libraries throughout the United States.

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