CPS Brings two Unique Theatre Performances to Potsdam


Aquila Theatre Company will perform “Cyrano de Bergerac” (pictured) on Oct. 2 at SUNY Potsdam’s Crane School of Music. It will also present “Ancient Greeks/Modern Lives” on Oct. 1 at Trinity Episcopal Church, Potsdam.

The Community Performance Series will kick off October with two fascinating performances by the Aquila Theatre Company.

On Monday, Oct. 1, the program “Ancient Greeks/Modern Lives” will be offered at 6:30 p.m. in the community room of Potsdam’s Trinity Episcopal Church. The “Ancient Greeks/Modern Lives” program is on a national tour visiting 100 communities throughout the United States, thanks to a special grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Both the staged reading and the masterclass are being offered free of charge. Tickets for this event are not required.  Those interested are asked to arrive early to ensure availability.

On Tuesday, Oct. 2, Aquila will perform their new production of “Cyrano de Bergerac,” one of the most famous adventures in world literature, at 7:30 p.m. in the Sara M. Snell Music Theater at SUNY Potsdam’s Crane School of Music. This production is part of the 2012-13 CPS Guest Artist Series.

“Being selected as one of 100 communities in the U.S. to take part in the ‘Ancient Greeks/Modern Lives’ program is great honor. Aquila Theatre is a worthy recipient of the NEH grant that made this program possible. The company has been touring the country with their bold reinterpretations of classic plays since 1991,” said CPS Executive Director Amy Flack. “We are delighted to bring this and the production of ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’ to the people of the North Country and hope that those in attendance enjoy having the opportunity to see two uniquely different programs performed by a company of talented actors.”

“Ancient Greeks/Modern Lives” aims to inspire communities to read, experience and reflect on classical literature and how it continues to influence and invigorate American cultural life. The Oct. 1 program will consist of a staged reading from a repertoire of scenes from Greek drama, performed by five professional actors. The reading will last approximately 90 minutes and will be followed by a post-show discussion opportunity for dialogue between the actors and audience. 

Beginning at 8 p.m. following the staged reading, the Aquila actors will offer an opportunity to participate in a mask acting masterclass. No prior acting experience is required to participate, and those who attend may choose to partake or simply watch. The masterclass will last approximately one hour.  Participation in the masterclass is limited to 30 people and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis the evening of the event. 

On Tuesday, Oct. 2, at 7:30 p.m., the Aquila Theatre actors will move their show from Fall Island to Crane’s Snell Theater to perform a full-length production of Edmond Rostrand’s play “Cyrano De Bergerac.” 

Beautifully funny, poignant and often heart wrenching, “Cyrano de Bergerac” is one of the most famous adventures in world literature. Cyrano is an excellent swordsman from Gascony, a region of France famous for producing stubborn, courageous and grandiose soldiers. He is besotted with the beautiful and alluring Roxanne, and yet, because of his famously huge nose, the forlorn Cyrano feels that he can never truly win her heart and keeps his love as a personal and painful secret. In this classic story of unrequited love, Cyrano befriends the handsome Christian de Neuvillette, who helps him woo Roxanne by composing elegant love letters and teaching him the arts of eloquence, courtship and poetry. Living his love vicariously through Christian, while desperately yearning for the truth, Cyrano’s passionate adventure unfolds, taking the audience on a compelling journey through the romantic streets of Paris, the dramatic battlefield of Arras and the placid cloisters of the convent, where this exquisite tale reaches its emotional conclusion.

The Aquila Theatre Company will bring its considerable skill and experience in producing innovative and exciting renditions of classical theatre to this superb French play.

Tickets to “Cyrano de Bergerac” are on sale now and space is limited. To purchase performance tickets, visit www.cpspotsdam.org or call the CPS Box Office at (315) 267-2277.

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For more information, visit www.cpspotsdam.org.

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