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Mission Statement

The Career Planning office provides an array of career development programs, services and resources to educate students and alumni to take full command of their lifetime career development so that they can become engaged global citizens, integrating their academic preparation with their interest, their competencies, their experiences and their values.

The Career Planning Office accomplishes this by:

  • Providing students and alumni with career counseling to gain self-awareness, explore career/lifestyle options, select a career, relate career choices to academic plans, test tentative choices through appropriate experiences, and establish career goals/directions.
  • Providing students and alumni with information about the full range of employment and graduate study options, as well as information about appropriate career-related experiences such as summer jobs, internships, volunteer and extra-curricular activities.
  • Teaching students and alumni to present themselves effectively as candidates for employment and/or graduate study, and providing services to assist in these important life transitions.
  • Working with employers and other professionals to identify employment opportunities in a variety of employment sectors in New York State, nationally and internationally.
  • Collaborating with all campus departments and student organizations to identify needs and deliver appropriate programs and services.
  • Contributing to SUNY Potsdam's recruitment and retention efforts by participating in programs, providing information, and in daily contacts with prospective students, current students and alumni.