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Anthropology Career Information Links

  • American Anthropological Association
    Detailed responses to the answers that anyone interested in anthropology will want to know. What is it? What can it teach us? How is it useful? The site also provides a starting point for those currently searching for employment. Excellent resource for those beginning a career in anthropology or an experienced veteran.
  • Princeton Review - Anthropology
    A day in the life of an anthropologist. Discover what it takes to be an anthropologist. A thorough examination of the day of the average anthropologist allows individuals to gain insight from the trenches and heed the advice of the best professors and professionals in the field.
  • American Association of Physical Anthropologists
    Explore all of your options. Take a deep look at the many sub-fields of anthropology, research graduate programs, and investigate some of the most frequently asked questions that many individuals have regarding their choice to pursue a career in anthropology.