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Direct Deposit

No more standing in line to pick up your paycheck!

Your money is available in your account at the beginning of business on payday, unless your financial institution notifies you otherwise. You receive a direct deposit ?advice? which gives you the paycheck details (salary and deductions) as well as a listing of the account(s) to which the deposit(s) were made.

Download the Direct Deposit of Salary Enrollment/Change/Cancellation Form in Adobe PDF.

To enroll in direct deposit to a checking account:

  • Attach a voided check for that particular account to the completed application form and return them to the Human Resources Office.

To enroll in direct deposit to a savings account:

  • Take the application form to your financial institution so that they can complete the section verifying the account and transmittal information. Once that is done, bring the application form back to us.

If you have a joint account, the joint account holder MUST sign the enrollment/change/cancel form.

You can have up to eight different savings or checking accounts in one or more financial institutions. The distribution of funds for loans, mortgages, and other transactions must be arranged with your financial institution.

You will receive a telephone call from us to notify you once your direct deposit goes into effect. If we receive the enrollment form by payday, we usually can direct deposit your next check!