Citibank Travel Card Program News

Earlier this summer we notified you of changes to state travel procedures, including the elimination of our campus Central Travel Account (CTA).  Travelers now utilize State issued Citibank travel cards to procure their own airfare from the state travel agencies.

We encouraged those with plans to fly to contact us to apply for a card, and many did - thank you!  Please note that this card is for use while you are in travel status (engaged in State business travel at least 35 miles from campus), and can be used for almost all travel related expenses in accordance with state/campus policies. This includes conference registrations, lodging, meals, cab fare, parking, gas (for rental vehicle only).

The travel card makes it possible to travel with little or no out-of-pocket expense, eliminating the need for the issuance of travel advances in most cases.  While a travel voucher must still be submitted for your expenses, there's no more waiting for your reimbursement when you use the travel card for your charges.  We encourage anyone who travels more than once a year to apply for a card by completing the Application (PDF) and return it to this office attn: Susie Cobb.  We will provide training to new cardholders and would be glad to conduct group training for your department at your request.

The application may also be used to obtain a Non-Employee Travel Card ("NET" Card) - this card is issued in the name of the applying state employee and is to be used for funding the travel of non-employees.  This card is appropriate for use by coaches traveling with their teams or faculty traveling with students, for example.  Please contact this office to learn more about this new option.

There will be additional information regarding travel to relay as we finalize the sharing of travel processing services with SUNY Canton in the near future.