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Consultant / Honorarium / Lecturer Procedures

Various academic and administrative departments may invite guest lecturers or consultants to campus to provide services. Please follow these instructions to request payment:

  1. Have the person fill out a Consultant Form completely and sign it.
  2. Attach a copy of the program, flier or poster of the event.
  3. Attach an invoice or contract

Please send the above to the Purchasing and Payables Office with the Consultant Form on top.

* Payment CANNOT be made without a completed Consultant form. (The Payee ID is either the person?s social security number or federal identification number.)

Our office can request a check thirty days prior to the performance date to be handed to performer at completion of performance. It does take at least 3 weeks for a check to come back so please allow ample time for us to submit the paperwork. When the check arrives at our office you will be notified to pick it up. There will be a form attached to the check (Certification of Receipt of Check Form which needs to be signed by the lecturer or consultant) then returned to the Purchasing and Payables Office.