Overnight: Out-of-State via Airplane

  1. Submit completed and approved Travel Requisition to Purchasing and Payables, 415 Raymond Hall.  Since you are traveling outside of New York State the Vice President for your area needs to sign the Travel Requisition.
  2. To book your flight you must go through our Contract Travel Agencies when paying with State money.  

 State Contract Travel Agency

(Contract #PS63541)

Travel Leaders
d/b/a Carlson Wagonlit Travel
d/b/a Albany Travel
30 Corporate Drive
Clifton Park, NY  12065


(518) 292-9020

e-mail:  corporate@Albanytravel.com

$16.65 transaction fee per ticket

State Contract Travel Agency

(Contract #PS63540)

Advantage Travel
18 Green Street
Albany, NY  12207


(518) 426-0052

e-mail:  info@advantagetravelinc.com

$11.10 transaction fee per ticket

  1. Does your lodging cost more than the State allows?  Per Diem Rates. If so, you must fill out an Over the Maximum Justification prior to your trip and submit it to Purchasing and Payables, Raymond 415, for approval.
  1. Have a safe trip.  SAVE all receipts and be sure to present your NYS Tax Exempt Form for all qualified transactions.
  2. After your trip is done, complete a Travel Expense Claim Form, being sure to include Departure and Return Date and Times.
  • Overnight with a lodging receipt:

Step 1: 

Determine the lodging and meal allowance for your destination: Per Diem rates for Lodging and Meal Allowances by County.

Step 2: 

Meal Allowance Breakdown. (based on meal allowance)

  • Mileage Reimbursement:  Enter the number of miles traveled, multiplied by the mileage rate.
  • Incidental Expenses:  Receipts are required for all incidental expenses.  List the description of each expense and enter the total expense in the appropriate space. (May include tolls, parking, taxi, bus, subway, business calls, etc.).
  • Total all travel expenses and carry Total Travel Expenses to 2) Summary.  Subtract B,C, and D to determine Total Amount To Be Reimbursed to Traveler.
  • Attach all related receipts.
  • Payee’s Certification and Submission:  Please sign and date and obtain your supervisor’s signature with date. 

You have now completed your Travel Voucher.

If you claimed personal car mileage, you must also submit a Statement of Automobile Travel form.  Attach it to your Travel Voucher, and send both along with your receipts to the Purchasing and Payables Office, 415 Raymond Hall.

If a State Vehicle was used for your trip, your paperwork is now complete.  Send your Travel Voucher along with your receipts to the Purchasing and Payables Office, 415 Raymond Hall.

If you have any questions regarding policies and procedures in advance of your travel we encourage you to contact us at 267-2143.  We can guide you through the requisition and reimbursement processes, ensuring timely and complete reimbursement of all qualified expenses.