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Instructions for the Purchase of Goods at Walmart

When purchasing goods from Walmart in Massena, Potsdam or Ogdensburg the following procedures must be followed in order to ensure reimbursement is processed promptly and correctly:

  • All purchases should be encumbered as a reimbursement through a requisition signed by your department head and your President's Council representative.Item and purpose should be described in the body of the requisition for all purchases.
  • Send the requisition to the Purchasing and Payables Office.We will check your account for funding and verify the reasonableness of the purchase, then increase your pcard. Be sure to take a Walmart Tax Exempt card with you.If you don't have one we can supply you with a copy of one.
  • All purchases must be for business use and not personal.
  • If you do not have a pcard you may pay for the purchase personally and then submit a reimbursement form, purchase requisition and itemized receipt.
  • You should receive your reimbursement in approximately two weeks.