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Schedule Iterations

Schedule Iterations and Information

Check your iteration carefully

Please check every cell very closely - make sure comments, restrictions, and seat capacities are corrected for the new semester and that comments match the restrictions.

Missing Course(s)

If a course is missing on your iteration, we may still be waiting for a Banner Catalog Entry Form - especially true of X95 sections.

Room Availability

If a room is reported as TBA or left blank, it means either that we have not found an acceptable room in that time slot or the room you want is not an "official" classroom and needs to be manually entered each time (keep filling in those blanks).

If there is a space problem , we may be able to find an appropriate room later in the scheduling process as changes are made across departments. However, please consider changing the time of the course, or changing unrealistic maximum seat requests - they limit the rooms the computer will consider for the section. As you know, it is difficult to find space during peak teaching hours, but the campus has a great deal of unutilized space before 9:00 a.m. and after 2:00 p.m . Please review the scheduling template.

Seating Capacity

Check for blank seat capacities and fill them in. The computer will read blank spaces as a maximum capacity of "zero" and close out your section.

Registration Restrictions

Automated restriction checking is turned on in Banner for registration. Any restrictions added to sections now will remain in all future schedules until you remove them (schedules roll from fall to fall and spring to spring). In order to ensure that what is coded into Banner matches the printed Schedule of Classes, there are three columns to review:

  1. Special Approval Codes in Banner: These codes prevent registration unless an override is entered into the system. They will not print in the newspaper Schedule of Classes and so must match the "comments" which are printed.

  2. Banner Registration Restrictions: You may restrict registration into a section by Including (I) or Excluding (E) specified majors/minors/education specializations, class years, student levels, or degrees. They will not print in the newspaper Schedule of Classes and so must match the "comments" which are printed. Example: to allow only freshmen into a section, use I 01; or to prevent freshmen from registering, use E 01; or to allow only graduate students into a section, use I 05.

  3. Reserved Seats: You may reserve a specified number of seats for a specified class year, level, or major. Example: to reserve 15 seats for childhood education majors, use 2045 15. In this example, only 15 students with this major would be able to register, even if more seats remain in the class.

Parts of Term

For a class which takes place during only a part of the semester, please specify the meeting dates now, so that we can create an appropriate part of term. This will prevent future conflicts in faculty and student schedules.