Guest Access To BearPAWS

Setting up account(s):

  1. Student must log into

    •   Under  Main Menu:

      • Click BearPAWS for Guests (last link on page)
      • Click Add Authorized Guest Access to Your Records
    • Review FERPA information and list of what guests are authorized to view:
      • Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP Waiver Link)
      • Account Summary by Term
      • Accept/Decline Optional Charges
      • Tax Notification page
      • Financial Aid Award History and Student Requirements pages (View Only)
      • Meal Plan and Bear Express Balances page
          Note: If there are No outstanding student requirements, No information will appear for that aid year
  2. Insert guest’s first and last name in the spaces provided
  3. Choose relationship to student from dropdown box
  4. Click Submit Guest Authorization
  5. Insert guest’s e-mail address after submission

    Note: An e-mail will be sent to the guest e-mail address listed with their user ID Number. An e-mail containing the guest’s PIN number will be sent separately for security purposes.

Guest Login

  1. Go to
  2. Click Guest Access
  3. Type in your Guest ID
  4. Type in your PIN and click Login
  5. Once logged in, the guest can change their PIN by clicking the Change PIN link at the bottom of the list

Managing Authorized Guest Access

  1. Student must login to
  2. Select BearPAWS for Guest

    • Click Manage Authorized Guest Access to Your Records

      To modify access to a guest, choose the name in the drop down box and click Modify Guest

      You Can:
    • Change e-mail address of your guest
    • Enable guest if it has been locked out (after 7 attempts)
    • Disable guest access
    • Send guest an e-mail reminder of their ID and PIN
    • View guest PIN and ID, status, e-mail and last login

      To cancel access to a guest, click Cancel Access