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On The Road
  The excerpt below was taken from one of the 35 students who along with more than 25 academics and artists crisscrossed America for a two-week SUNY Potsdam Winterim course titled “Jack Kerouac Wrote Here, Crisscrossing America Chasing Cool” exploring the places that inspired Kerouac’s classic work “On The Road.” The students followed Kerouac’s writings as if they were maps, visiting places referenced in his work. They traveled by train, foot, bus and plane making city streets, coffee houses, theatres, churches and artist’s lofts their classroom; visiting San Francisco, Denver, New York City and Lowell, MA journaling and putting into practice Kerouac’s literary philosophy of making writing a daily habit and adding their own chapters to his story about American life.

The course was devised by Dr. Audrey Sprenger, sociologist, audio producer and visiting assistant professor of sociology at SUNY Potsdam, along with composer, conductor, multi-instrumentalist and Kerouac’s first musical collaborator David Amram and audio producer Shea Shackelford. The course received national attention and will be offered to students from other colleges around the country through SUNY Potsdam in the summer session 07 and Winterim 08. To learn more about “Chasing Cool” visit the website

Excerpt from student's journal