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Login Instructions

All Potsdam faculty and staff have been granted access to SSC Campus.

In order to log in, visit and bookmark the link below:


Log in using your CCA, the same username and password you use for all other campus business.

Please note: the information you have access to in SSC Campus is limited by your role on campus (e.g. advisor, instructor, chair, dean, administrator, etc).

Once you log in successfully, you will land on your Home screen:


Different Home Page Views

If you are both an advisor and an instructor, your home will default to your advisee list. If you pull down the menu just to the right of Advisor Home, you can shift the view to Professor Home to view the students enrolled in your courses for the term.

Navigating Your Home Page

On the left side of the screen is a red menu bar with links to various SSC Campus functions. You can use this menu to search, communicate, view your calendar, etc. Scroll over each item to see what it does. On the right of the screen are actions you can take within that screen. Further down that side is a list of your upcoming appointments made using the SSC platform.

The tabs under your Advisor Home header allow you to access a list of your upcoming appointments, to view and adjust your availability for certain types of appointments, and to manage your upcoming and requested appointments.

The default setting for the Home page is the current semester. Your list of advisees will include only those registered for the current semester. Your class lists in the Professor Home screen will only reflect those courses you are teaching that term. To view all of your assigned advisees (even those not registered for the active term, click the menu after “My Assigned Students for TERM XXXX”.

Clicking on a student’s name takes you to their profile page.

Toward the bottom of your Home page is a list of your recent appointments made using the SSC system. You can click on these to file and view Advising Reports summarizing your meetings with those students.


Please view the Guidelines for use of SSC Campus for more info about filing Advising Reports.

Need Help?

At the top right of any SSC screen there will always be a “?” icon linking you to an extensive and very useful Help Center. This site contains step-by-step instructions and video content on all SSC functions.

If you have any questions about accessing or using the SSC Campus system, please contact Sean Partridge (x2520) or Tim Morse (x3447) or email