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Facilities and Services


Each residence hall floor is equipped with common area, single-sex bathrooms (except in Gender Neutral housing areas and suites that contain bathrooms).

Cable TV

SUNY Potsdam has partnered with Time Warner Cable (subject to change) to provide cable TV service with over 60 channels in residence halls at no extra charge.  Students needing assistance can call their support line at (1-844-725-4339).  More information, including how to report problems click here Cable TV Information 2016.pdf

Common Area Spaces

Each residence hall is equipped with several common area spaces for all to use. These include study lounges and recreation rooms. The spaces are also used for programs, meetings and just hanging out. Storage of personal items including bicycles and room furniture are not permitted in common area spaces. Please see the storage section for more information. If a group or person would like to reserve a common area space, please see the AC/RD/GA of that residence hall. Sleeping in any common area space is also prohibited.


Each residence hall has a kitchenette designed for preparing occasional snacks and small dinners. It is the responsibility of each student to clean up the kitchen after they use it. Students may need to contact a staff member to gain access to the building's kitchenette.

Laundry Facilities

Washers and dryers are available in each residence hall and are free of charge for residents. Students may need to swipe their SUNY card to activate them. Please report any malfunctions directly to the MacGray Laundry Company (contracted by PACES) at (877) 264-6622 and put a warning note on the machine for others. Laundry left unattended for more than a week may be collected by the staff and put into storage or donated to local charities.


Residence Life sponsors a web based movie program in partnership with Residence Life Cinema, a division of Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. Each Month, August through May, there will be 7 to 11 different movies available free of charge for viewing from your residence hall IP address. Students who would like to make a request for a specific movie should e-mail residence life at least 6 weeks before the month. To access the site from a residence hall based IP address, please click on the following link:

Office Locations

The Office of Residence Life is located on the first floor of the Draime Hall Extension. Every student is welcome to visit the office during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays when classes are not in session).

Each Residence Hall has professional staff. The AC/RD/GA each has an office located within his/her residence hall, except for the Town Houses and Van Housen (located in Draime). Please see their posted office hours for the times that the office will be staffed. In addition, the halls have a student staff Resident Assistant (RA) office that is staffed during posted hours in the evenings.

Phones & Voice Mail

Phones and dial tone are not provided in student rooms. It is recommended that students have their own cellular phone. Emergency land-line phones are provided on each floor/area that dial directly into University Police for emergencies.

Vending Machines

Each residence hall area has a variety of coin and BEAR express operated vending machines for beverages and snacks.

Wireless, High-Speed Internet

SUNY Potsdam has partnered with Apogee (MyResNet) to provide high speed wireless internet service in the residence halls at no extra charge.  If students need assistance, they can access online support at or call Apogee at (1-855-410-7380).