Campus Housing Schedule

Throughout the entire academic year, some College Housing is available for students who prefer the flexibility of staying on campus during breaks when some of the Residence Halls are closed. 

For students residing in the Lehman Hall, Draime Hall, Van Housen Hall, Sisson Hall and the Townhouses, students can continue to reside in their current room with permission from your AC/RD.  Students must sign up in advance of each break/vacation/recess.

For students residing in all areas of Bowman Hall and Knowles Hall you may need to be re-located as your residential area could close during the Semester/Winter Break. Students should contact the Office of Residence Life to make arrangements. 

Students who were on campus for the fall semester and who are registered for Winterim classes will have their cards activated and will be allowed to return to campus based on the published Winterim schedule.  Students who are not in academic year housing, are not registered for Winterim classes, and have a desire to be back in the residence halls during this time, need to contact our office in advance for permission to return.

The Residence Life staff continue to be conscientious about the safety and security of students throughout academic breaks along with University Police. Staffing levels do vary and are typically reduced when Fall and Spring classes are not in session.