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Residence Hall Safety

All residence halls are locked by the keyless entry system and checked regularly by the Residence Life staff as well as patrolled by University Police. Each student will be issued at check-in an individual key to his/her assigned residence hall room/suite/Town House. College issued SUNY ID Cards will allow students access to any residence area (except the Townhouses). You are responsible for carrying your room key and SUNY ID Card with you at all times.

Make sure the exterior doors to your building are shut after you use them. Do not prop open the exterior hall doors. This creates a potentially dangerous safety situation. University Police will monitor and respond to any propped exterior doors. Do not let students into your hall whom you do not know and who do not live there. The Residence Halls have emergency phones. Keep your room/suite doors locked at all times for your own safety and the protection of your valuables. This includes when you are sleeping, doing laundry and in the bathroom. It is important that any strange behaviors, strange persons and maintenance or safety concerns are reported immediately to the Residence Life staff or University Police. Do not leave your personal property in an unsecured area, especially laundry unattended in the laundry room. It is recommended that students mark their personal belongings and record serial numbers.  Students should not let in people they do not know. This includes students who want to "tail-gate."

The residence halls have a variety of staff available to assist students with emergencies. This includes a number of live-in professional and paraprofessional staff members who are specially selected and trained. These staff members are available day and night to address situations that might arise. In addition, a number of other departments have staff available after traditional college business hours. The Counseling Center has a staff member on call during the evening hours and weekends for psychological issues. The University Police Officers are on campus 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for safety and security. The maintenance department has 24 hour coverage for facility related concerns. Lastly, the Campus Rescue Squad (CRS) is available to address any medical related issues when classes are in session.

Safety is of particular concern over college vacation and break periods. There are fewer numbers of both students and staff in the halls during breaks. Please take extra precautions during these times and make sure that the Residence Life staff is aware of your presence in the building. Some residential areas may close for some breaks and vacations based on need.

Some areas of the Residence Halls are subject to video surveillance. Video surveillance is limited to public, common areas of the residence halls, to include building entrances, lobbies, lounges, elevators, elevator areas, stairwells, laundry rooms, recreation rooms, storage rooms and hallways that do not contain student rooms. Video surveillance can be used to assist with investigations into policy violations and unlawful behaviors.


All residential students are strongly encouraged to sign up for/enroll in the College's emergency notification system called RAVE.

In addition, there is a a free mobile app, called RAVE Guardian, that students should download to enhance their personal safety:

Fire Safety

All of the residence halls have a variety of fire safety equipment to help to ensure students' safety. They are equipped with fire alarm pull stations, smoke and heat detectors, and fire extinguishers. In addition, the Town Houses, Bowman East, Bowman West, and some areas of Bowman South have sprinklers in rooms and/or common areas. Falsely activating or tampering with any of these systems may result in removal from the Residence Halls. Whenever the alarms are activates, students must evacuate their building immediately and gather no closer than 50 feet from the building. University Police and the Potsdam Fire Department will respond to all alarms.  All residence halls rooms, suites, apartments, and Town Houses are inspected during the first few weeks of each semester and annually by a State Fire Inspector.  Monthly fire extinguisher checks are done in all areas that have kitchens.  More detailed information about specific fire safety policies can be found in the Residence Life Policy section on the Policies link.

Emergency Procedures Brochure (PDF)

Missing Student Policy (PDF)