Early Arrival Request Form

If you would like to request to come back to campus prior to the designated move-in date (Saturday, January 23rd for all new residential students) please completely fill out the form below.

The Earliest Date for any Early Arrival is Monday, January 18th, 2016 for new residential students.

Students requesting to return to campus prior to their designated move in date must follow the following steps to request the opportunity to move back onto campus early. The requests will be reviewed and if you are allowed to return to campus you will receive an e-mail detailing the steps to follow. Requests are not guaranteed to be granted.

There is a $20.00 per student per night charge for early arrivals, unless you are coming back with an approved group (i.e. EOP, Student Leadership Conference, International Students, winter athletes, RAs, etc.). Please contact Josh McLear (mclearjd@potsdam.edu) with any questions.


  • Students that are part of an already approved group (Residence Life Staff, Student Leadership Conference, Athletics, EOP, etc.) do NOT have to request to come back early, as we get those lists from the group.
  • January 18th is the absolute earliest any new residential student can move back into their room if they have been approved. It is not an option to move back into the rooms prior to this time as the College needs all available time to prepare the buildings and rooms for the spring semester.
  • Requests are not guaranteed to be approved. Many factors go into whether or not a request can be approved; cleaning, construction, furniture replacement, readiness of the space.