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Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Mission Statement

To establish a collaborative environment for students who are interested in technology and computing as well as raise awareness about the career opportunities and impact caused by pursuing computer science.

Organizational Goals

We seek to engage interested students through regular meetings, lightning talks, and workshops.  Student involved will be able to learn about a variety of topics in computer science and technology and participate in projects.  The ACM is currently working on revamping our High Performance Computing lab, where students will learn about setting up LDAP, NFS, and a firewall for a cluster of computers.  The website allows students to work on a team pursuing web development.

Recent Activities

  • Weekly meetings where you share career/internship opportunities, lightning talks, and share projects
  • Linux Workshop, which taught students how to install virtual box and use a virtual linux on their machines
  • Vermont Tech Jam, which was a job fair held in Burlington, VT and allowed students to talk to employers and professionally network
  • ACM Picnic
  • Hack-A-Thon, which is a 24 hour session where students get together and work on small teams to build a project

Contact Information

Advisor, Brian Ladd,, (315) 267-2499, Dunn 301

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