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Anthropology Club

Mission Statement

The Anthropology Club promotes the learning process of students interested in anthropology and its related disciplines. To this end, the club sponsors meetings, field trips, and other activities.

Anthropology Club Goals

The goals of this club are to enhance knowledge about anthropology and its subdisciplines, as well as promote cultural awareness and acceptability, and educate students in how to apply this knowledge in everyday life and in life beyond college.

Recent Anthropology Club Activities

The club attends, organizes, and presents in national and regional anthropological conferences, as well as sponsoring museum trips, other field trips and cultural events. We also host speakers from a variety of academic and professional fields.

Contact Information

President, Amber Rounds
Vice President, Catherine Gagnon
Treasurer, Taleea Tomlinson
Secretary, Lauryn Czyzewski
Public Relations, Maxwell Gardner
Comptroller, Emily Cox

Email address:

Phyllis Charleson, Anthropology Department Secretary (267-2053)
SGA office: 267-2588