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College Writing Center


Our Information:

Located in: Carson 106, x3059

E-mail us at:
(When using email to request an appt., contact us 3 days before you want an appt.)

For up to date hours, online resources, and staff info, please see the following link.

The College Writing Center offers:

Individual tutoring on any aspect of writing;
General or tailored workshops;
Blackboard-based tutoring (for commuting students);
and training and employment opportunities for peer tutors.

Join us at three locations: Carson, Sisson, and Crumb.

How we operate; Our goals and ambitions:

In the College Writing Center, we know that no one writes perfectly on his or her first try! However, you?re in luck, we can help you figure it out.

Come into the CWC (College Writing Center) and see your writing in a new light, even if you?re just getting started. Bring in your assignment, your draft, and your concerns. We would be more than happy to help you succeed!!

We won?t tell you how to write your own paper. However, we will help you write your paper the way you want it (in your own style and preference). In the end, you get the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself.

Plan ahead: stop in at the CWC today (or call or email) to make an appointment for your next paper. We?ll help you get started early, so you have time for revision!

At the College Writing Center? Your papers are our passion!