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Potsdam Music Business Club

Mission Statement

  • To provide a forum for students participating in music industry education programs to interact with educators and representatives of the music industry
  • To advance the student's knowledge, experience, and skills, in futherance of career goals in the music industry
  • To participate and engage in programs and activities organized by MEIEA, i.e., conferences, seminars, workshops, and other activities that further student's objectives
  • To interact with students nationally and locally who are participating in music industry education programs at other colleges and universities
  • To acquire mentorship, career guidance, and counseling by interacting with music industry educators and representatives from the music industry

About The Potsdam Music Business Club

The Potsdam Music Business Club was organized by the Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association (MEIEA) in 1979 to bring music business students together with educators and the leaders of the music and entertainment industry in order to more successfully prepare for careers in these fields. The goal of the Association is to provide a marketplace for ideas, strategies, and original concepts in education to meet the professional challenges for the music industry of the 21st century. MEISA abides by the the bylaws of MEIEA and has also adopted rules of order to provide for its organizational structure, activities, responsibilities, and legal and fiscal obligations.

Recent MEISA Activities

  • Battle of the Bands
  • Potsdam Idol
  • Attended 2005 national conference in Miami, FL

Contact Info

(315) 267 - 2957

Additional Links

MEISA website - SUNY Potsdam chapter

MEISA website - National Organization

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