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Potsdam Video Gaming Club (PVGC)

Potsdam Video Gaming Club (PVGC)

Professional Mission Statement:

To provide an outlet for video game players and provide an opportunity for Potsdam students to participate in this activity.

Underground Mission Statement:

To unite any videogamers and create a network of players that will bring more communication, competition, challenges, and fun for anyone who wants to. We are many who are looking for epic battles whether it be to create a band of warriors to defeat the level 70 monster, surviving in your platoon when the enemy is near, pulling off that 20 combo when your about to lose your life bar, making that touchdown in the fourth quarter, figuring out how to get yourself out of the final maze, to jumping towards that flag pole after side-scrolling madness. We are skilled in the games we choose, we train to keep the fight alive, we live for the next adventure and we are gamers. We do not judge others. If you love SNES Mario or live only for WOW you are welcome.

Recent Activities:

Our most recent activity has been the Super Smash Brothers Melee tournament held in Lehman Dining Center. There was a terrific turnout for the 1v1 and we are planning to hold another one soon.

Contact Information:,

AIM: PotsdamVGC,

facebook: Potsdam Video Gaming Club

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