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Spanish Club

Mission Statement

We bring a community of students together who want to celebrate Spanish language and Hispanic culture.

Spanish Club Goals

We would like to get more students involved and coming to meetings. Students will benefit by their involvement through making friends, getting to know the Spanish language faculty, and learning more about Hispanic culture.

Recent Spanish Club Activities

Caf Latino is our main event of each semester. We invite students to read poetry they have written in Spanish or poems they like in Spanish, play music, sing, or share their travel experiences in Spanish speaking countries. We have simple food that might be found in any Hispanic household: bread, butter, cheese, avocado, coffee (of course), and tortillas and salsa. We also have movie nights. We have watched "A mi madre le gustan las mujeres," Crash, Motorcycle Diaries, and Real Women Have Curves. We try to watch movies that will further our knowledge of Hispanic culture and that we will enjoy. We try to have a Salsa Dancing workshop when possible. It's always a lot of fun trying to learn something new! We have made trips to Ottawa and hope to go again soon. Last trip, we visited an art gallery, the Parliament buildings, walked around Ottawa, and went to a Mexican restaurant. We always have a lot of fun!

Contact Info

Dr. Oscar Sarmiento, 228 Morey Hall,

Dr. Liliana Trevizan, 212 Morey Hall,

Check out our group on Facebook: Search for SUNY Potsdam Spanish Club