Bowman Kitchen

Where good food begins

Ever wonder who cuts up the fruit every morning, chops the vegetables for your pasta dish, slices the meat and cheese for that turbo oven sub, or bakes those amazing sub rolls, cookies, cupcakes and scones?

Look no further than Bowman Kitchen.  We don't employ Hogwarts house elves to do the work, we have a crew of dedicated union workers that arrive - rain, snow, sleet or shine - at 5 a.m. each day  to get the food ready for eating.

PACES buys as many goods as possible from local farms and they need to be washed, cut and packed to be distributed to each unit kitchen. When we can't get goods from local farms, we buy cases of produce and food from regional farmers, and then go father afield when the harvest season ends in the North Country. 

Bowman Kitchen is also the site where farmers come and pick up our vegetable scraps and frying oil. Farmers use the scraps to feed their animals and reuse the oil as fuel for their biodiesel engines.