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Treatment Programs

The information below describes the drug or alcohol counseling, treatment, or rehabilitation or re-entry programs that are available to employees or students.

Campus resources and personnel work with students facing problems associated with drug and alcohol abuse. The College Counseling Center provides substance abuse counseling and referral assistance. The College Counseling Center will make referrals to area licensed facilities whenever there is a need for in-patient care. In-patient facilities are operated independently of the University and are staffed by trained substance abuse counselors and mental health specialists. The College Counseling Center works directly with students requiring out-patient care. SUNY Potsdam?s Health Educator through Student Health Services implements programs that include individual and group oriented workshops, and educational programs, and passive programming regarding many alcohol and drug related topics. The Health Educator frequently presents accurate and current information regarding whichever substance is currently trending in usage in this population.

Each semester, the Health Educator offers a number of workshops and activities designed to help students who use, misuse and abuse substances. Confidential counseling sessions with experienced, licensed mental health providers are also provided.

The community of Potsdam has many 12-step program meetings at various times available to faculty, staff and students. Alcoholic Anonymous, Al-Anon and Narcotics Anonymous meeting schedules are available to the SUNY Potsdam community through the College Counseling Center, Student Health Services and the office of Health Education. These links to these organizations are also available on the Health Education website.

Additional information regarding available alcohol counseling, rehabilitation and re-entry programs is available at the Student Health Center (315) 267-2377 or at the Counseling Center (315) 267-2330 in Van Housen Hall. Additional information on educational efforts can be found on the Health Education website.