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Alcohol & Drug Abuse

SUNY Potsdam's policies about alcohol and drugs are enforced by University Police:

The legaluse of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, and dangerous drugs is governed by laws of the State of New York and college policy as detailed in the Student Handbook, the Code of Student Conduct, the Residence Hall Guide, the Personnel Handbook and the Policies and Procedures Manual. Irresponsible and/or illegal possession, use or sale of alcohol, narcotic or dangerous drugs and/or the resulting inappropriate behavior, is strictly prohibited.

The college follows a Zero Tolerance philosophy toward alcohol and drug violations, with the premise that every alcohol policy violation will be met with strong and swift disciplinary action. There is a need to send both a consistent and strong message that illegal consumption of alcohol abuse as well as drug abuse and the resulting behavior will not be tolerated. The University Police Department is responsible for the enforcement of all federal, state, and local laws related to alcohol, narcotics and drugs. Therefore, all alcohol, narcotics and dangerous drug violations that are reported receive immediate attention and are thoroughly investigated.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Education

As an educational institution, SUNY Potsdam believes that the best approach to drug and alcohol abuse is education. The college provides ongoing drug and alcohol awareness educational programs and dissemination of pertinent information as illustrated below

Programs Conducted by the University Police

  • Personal Safety and Alcohol Use
  • Alcohol Awareness
  • The ABC Law (Alcohol Beverage Control Law)
  • Drug Identification for Resident Assistants