Assembly Procedures

With respect to public assemblies, SUNY Potsdam will observe and implement the SUNY Board of Trustees' policy entitled "Rules and Regulations for Maintenance of Public Order on Premises of State-Operated Institutions of the State University of New York."  Copies of this document are on file in the Crumb Library.

This policy specifies that each campus communicate these rules to the college community and adopt and promulgate procedures for giving reasonable notice and details of any planned assembly, picketing, or demonstration on the grounds of the institution.  To this end, the following local procedures and guidelines are in effect at SUNY Potsdam.

I. Definitions

a) The term SUNY Potsdam shall refer to facilities under the jurisdiction of SUNY Potsdam including buildings, grounds, parking lots, classrooms, and equipment.

II. Guidelines for any planned assembly, picketing, or demonstration on grounds or in buildings at SUNY Potsdam.

a) Any request for such activities involving SUNY Potsdam facilities shall be made in writing to the Coordinator of Services for Student Life Facilities (BSU Room 208) at least three (3) working days in advance of the activity. If unusual or unforeseen circumstances prevent observance of the three day notification period, it shall be the     responsibility of the person(s) organizing the activity to notify the Coordinator of     Services for Student Life Facilities for approval at least four (4) hours before any activity begins.

b) All requests shall be reviewed and a decision permitting or not permitting the requested activity shall be given in writing, including any charges for services applicable.

c)  In addition to the conduct specified in the Board of Trustees' policy section 535.3, no activity may:

  • Amplify sound that interferes with class activity, college activities, or that is in violation of Village ordinances or other ordinances.
  • Modify or alter college facilities without permission from the College.
  • Revocation or withdrawal of previously granted permission may occur at any time due to unforeseen operational problems, or for violation of the above section c1 or c2.
  • If, in the judgment of college officials, an activity is not consistent with the intended purposes as specified in the application, or the activity has been misrepresented, permission to use the college facility or property shall be withdrawn and the activity in progress shall be halted.

d)  The use of college facilities or property does not imply the college's endorsement of the purposes or view of the activity.