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A "program" is any activity planned by staff or students and presented to FYE residents for their benefit. There are numerous FYE programs offered annually including trips to Ottawa and Lake Placid, ski and tubing trips, and academic based ones like A Major Affair. Highlighted below are some traditional FYE programs offered annually.

FYE Activity Day

FYE Activity Day is held on a Saturday afternoon in the early part of the Fall semester. It is designed to help students meet each other and develop leadership skills through participating in interactive recreational activities.

A Major Affair

Each Fall, in collaboration with Career Planning, the FYE staff plans an evening for students to meet faculty members from all the academic departments at SUNY Potsdam to discuss their major (courses to take, career possibilities, faculty who teach in the department and so forth). "A Major Affair" has evolved into one of the most effective programs on campus as it offers first year students the opportunity to have informal academic discussions one-to-one with the faculty.

Transitional Programs

The FYE staff provides a wide range of programs specifically geared toward the life of someone leaving high school, home, family and friends and entering the new world of college. Some of the issues covered include: roommate relationships, nutrition and health, decision making around drugs and alcohol, going home for the first holiday break after being at school, homesickness and managing your finances.

Specialty Trips

The FYE staff offers numerous trips throughout the year to include Ski & Tubing Trips, Trips to Lake Placid and Ottawa , Hiking Trips and more. Many of these trips are free or offered at a significantly reduced cost.