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10 credits / 15 seats

Do you dig archaeology? SUNY Potsdam offers an archaeology minor and a major, combining courses in geology, anthropology, and art history. This FIG is an excellent introduction to archaeology.

ANTH 204-F01 Archaeology-LEC 3 Cr. TuTh 9:30-10:45am Messner, T. (92328)
ANTH 204-F01 Archaeology-LAB 1 Cr. F 2:00-3:50pm  Messner, T. (91772)

Leads the student through the development of modern archaeological methods and theory to an examination of major questions posed by today’s archaeological investigations. Students will learn how archaeologists use survey, excavation and laboratory analysis to reconstruct the past. Hands-on laboratory exercises will be used to explain how archaeology reveals ancient diets and environments, ancient economic, political and social systems, and ancient religions and rituals. Lab section required.

ARTH 101-F01 Survey of Art: Ancient to Gothic 3 Cr. MW 11:00-12:15pm Downing, C. (92329)
Major art styles and monuments of Pre-Renaissance art; relationship between art and politics, religion and economics in ancient societies. Course will also include some discussion of non-western art: the art of Native peoples and of the East. Satisfies General Education WC requirement.

GEOL 103-F01 Physical Geology-LEC 2 Cr. MWF 10:00-10:50am Schrader, C. (92330)
GEOL 103-F01 Physical Geology-LAB 1 Cr. Tu 3:00-3:50pm  Schrader, C. (92331)

Minerals, rocks, rock deformation, aerial photos, maps, geological processes that shape the land, environmental geology. Lab required (Lab fee $10). Counts for Environmental Studies Major/Minor. Satisfies General Education SP & LB requirements.