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Archaeology II

10 Credits for 20 Students
Coordinator: Hadley Kruczek-Aaron

Resides in First-Year Experience, Bowman South

Do you dig archaeology?

SUNY Potsdam offers an archaeology minor and a major, combining courses in geology, anthropology, and art history. This FIG is an excellent introduction to some of these cognate fields.

86430 ANTH 202, Section F02 ?Cultural Anthropology-Lecture: 3 Cr. TuTh 11:00am-12:15pm Schwarz, C.

A survey of the subdiscipline of anthropology that uses the concept of culture to interpret human history and behavior in all societies and at all times. Introduction to the various research methods of cultural anthropology. Emphasis is placed on the application of social and cultural concepts when analysing behavior. Satisfies General Education XC requirement.

86431 ANTH 201 Human Origins-Lecture, Section F01: 3 Cr. MWF 10-10:50am Staff
85432 ANTH 204 Human Origins-Lab, Section F04: 1 Cr. Th 3-4:50pm Staff

An introduction to physical anthropology, which is the study of human variability and adaptation. We will study the concepts of evolution, genetics, primatology, skeletal biology, and demography using the scientific framework of theory testing. These will build a foundation of knowledge that will allow us to explore human origins and evolution, and understand modern human diversity. This should be an exciting class where we will be able to bring together many scientific fields to explore fascinating issues that are closest to humans. Lab required. Satisfies General Education SB and LB requirements.

86433 GEOL 204 Historical Geology-Lecture, Section F02: 2 Cr. TTh 10-10:50am Rygel, M.
85434 GEOL 204 Historical Geology-Lab, Section F02: 1 Cr. T 1-3:50pm Rygel, M.

?Historical Geology is the second course in the geology sequence and builds upon the basic geologic principles introduced in 100-level courses. The first half of the course focuses on the methods and principles that geologist use to interpret Earth History; second half of the course focuses on Earth systems history (climate, oceans, atmosphere, geologic processes and life). Prerequisite: GEOL 100, 101, 103, 106, 125, or 195. Lab required. Satisfies General Education SP and LP requirements.