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The Business FIG

14 credits for 15 students.Coordinator:Timmerman, J.

The Business FIG courses are suitable for first year students pursuing a career in business. Students explore majors in Business Economics, and Business Administration. Theses courses satisfy two General Education requirements and thus, are also appropriate for students who are undecided.

95018 ACCT 201 Principles of Accounting I 3 Cr. MWF 9-9:50am Cliff, L.
This course focuses on basic accountingprinciples and concepts for sole proprietorship. The emphasis is on accounting cyclestatements and supporting schedules.

95019 MATH 125 Probability & Statistics 3 Cr. TuTh 2-3:15pm Habermas, D.
Variability, uncertainty, description of data, sampling, hypothesistesting, correlation and regression. Not open to students who have completed another entry-level statistics course. Prerequisite: high school algebra or equivalent.As demand warrants. Equivalent to MATH 125/STAT 100. Satisfies the General Education FM designator.

95020 PHIL 120 Introduction to Ethics 3 Cr. TuTh 9:30-10:45am Tartaglia, P.
Nature of judgments or moral value and possible means of justifying them. Satisfies General Education PI and FC requirements.

93982 COMM 106 Basic Principles of Speech 3 Cr. MWF 10-10:50am Wilson, K.
An introductory course in public speaking. It is a skills course informed by speech communication theory. Skills include analyzing the speaking situation, choosing appropriate topics, conducting research, organizing ideas, utilizing evidence and delivering speeches effectively. Special emphasis is given to developing critical thinking and listening abilities. Satisfies General Education FS requirements.

93952 FY 100 First Year Success Seminar 2 Cr. Th 12:30-1:45pm Massaro, P.
The First-Year Success Seminar (FYSS) is a two-credit course designed to accelerate students' transition to SUNY Potsdam. FYSS provides students with the opportunity to become integrated into the life of the campus by exploring their academic and social development. A strong emphasis is placed on critical inquiry ? enhancing reading and writing, time management, and study skills. In addition, the course provides an orientation to campus resources and services and encourages self-exploration and personal development.