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Dance Anthropology FIG

10 credits for 6 students. Coordinator: A?Keitha Carey.

DANCE 220 CaribFunk I 3 cr. TUTH 3:30-5:25 p.m. Carey, A.
CaribFunk is a dance form that combines classical ballet and modern dance techniques with traditional African (Congo region--traditional and social dance) and Caribbean movements. Styles of music include, but are not limited to Afro-Cuban jazz, reggae, soca, calypso, zouk, salsa, percussion, and soukous. This course approaches Caribbean dance from a contemporary and European perspective, therefore introducing students to a hybrid form that also includes fitness and somatic fundamentals. In this course students will also learn through a research project on Carnival celebrations in the Caribbean. The class includes dance technique sessions as well as discussions on historical and cultural issues. Satisfies General Education AE and PE requirements.

ANTH 202 Cultural Anthropology 3 Cr. TuTh 12:30-1:45 p.m. Staff.
ANTH 202 Cultural Anthropology 1 Cr. F 11-12:50 p.m. Staff.

A survey of the subdiscipline of anthropology that uses the concept of culture to interpret human history and behavior in all societies and at all times. Introduction to the various research methods of cultural anthropology. Emphasis is placed on the application of social and cultural concepts when analyzing behavior. Satisfies General Education XC requirement.

ARTH 102 Survey of Art / Renaissance-Modern 3 Cr. TU/TH 8-9:15 a.m. Watts, T.
Movements and classic problems in Renaissance tradition in art, from 14th century to beginning of 20th century. Emphasis on painting, sculpture and architecture. Satisfies General Education WC requirement.