Design for the Theatre

11 credits for 12 students.Coordinator: Janet Sussman.

95007 DRAM 210 Interpretation & Analysis of Plays 3 Cr. TuTh 12:30-1:45pm McLaurin, A.
An introduction to genres and styles of dramatic literature from historical periods and world theatrical traditions. Includes an introduction to the study and methods of dramaturgy as a professional practice. Satisfies General Education AC requirement.

95008 DRAM 251 Foundations of Design for the Stage 4 Cr. TuTh 2-3:50pm Sussman, J.
Foundations of Design for the Stage Fundamentals of design elements and principles as they apply to the performing arts. All aspects of design for the stage will be studied including the basics of scenic, lighting, costume and sound design. Satisfies General Education AE requirement.

95009 ARTS 110 Foundations of Drawing I 4 Cr.  MW 2-4:50pm  Staff
Introduces both art majors and non-art majors to the concepts and processes of the medium of drawing. Theoretical, critical and historical issues of art making addressed through regular group critiques and slide presentations of both historical and contemporary art work. This class will teach perceptual drawing with still life and figure work.  $50.00 Studio lab fee assessed by Student Accounts. Satisfies General Education AE requirement.