Advanced English

10 credits for 8 students. Coordinator: Lisa Wilson

This FIG is for any student who has already received credit for COMP 101 Writing and Critical Thinking through the AP English scores of 4 or 5 or through equivalent First-Year College Writing (FW) courses taken already.Students will take an introductory creative writing course, a first-year speaking course on the topic of media and mass communication, and an introduction to psychology.This course is NOT for new creative writing majors who do not already have COMP 101 (FW) or the equivalent—those students should consider one of our other FIGs, like Performing, Reading and Writing or Communication Matter!

95028 COMM 108 Introduction to Mass Communication 3 Cr. MWF 12:00-12:50pm Blank, T.
Explores how historical contexts and current processes shape mass media as a part of American culture. Emphasizes critical thinking and oral communication exercises. Satisfies General Education FS requirement.

95027 COMP 202 Introduction to Creative Writing 4 Cr. TuTh 11-12:15pm Lehman, R.
Orients writers to the craft of writing in a variety of genres. Introduces terminology, explores techniques, and fosters a sense of individual voice. Prerequisite: COMP 101. Satisfies General Education AE & WI requirements.

95029 PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology 3 Cr. TuTh 2-3:15pm DeGhett, V.
Survey of the science of psychology; what psychologists do, methods they use, and conclusions they draw. Satisfies General Education SA requirement.