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Invitation to Health

13 credits for 15 students.

This group of courses will allow students to learn more about personal health and how we understand health from a variety of disciplines. Each of these first year student level courses fulfills one general education requirement. They provide students with an introduction to health as viewed from biology and community health, while learning how we interpret the numbers behind health data with the use of statistical analysis.

BIOL 210 F19 Intro to Anatomy & Physiology-LEC 3 Cr MW 3:00-4:15pm Burdick, P.
BIOL 210 F19 Intro to Anatomy & Physiology-LAB 1 Cr. M 1:00-2:50pm Burdick, P.

Basic principles of human anatomy and physiology with special emphasis on the mechanisms of homeostasis and the interrelationships of structure and function. NOTE: For Community Health
majors only or instructor permission required. Satisfies General Education SP, LB requirements.

HLTH 165-F19 Health: A Lifestyle Approach-LEC 3 Cr. TuTh 11:00-12:15pm O’Rourke, K.
A critical analysis and overview of the interrelatedness of the social, emotional and physical elements of one’s lifestyle. Topics such as physical fitness, nutrition, sexuality, environmental health, stress management, and substance use prevention will be discussed relative to their role in individual and community health concerns. Satisfies 1 General Education HW experience.

HLTH 165-F19 Health: A Lifestyle Approach-REC 1 Cr. MW TBD Wheeler, A.
This course is designed to fulfill the Freshman Speaking requirement of SUNY Potsdam’s general education program. Students will learn how to prepare and deliver effective informative and
persuasive presentations. Satisfies General Education FS requirement when taken with Lecture.

MATH 125-F19 PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS I 3 Cr. MWF 9:00-9:50am Foisy, J.
Elementary probabilistic and descriptive statistical concepts as applied to practical problems from other disciplines and an introduction to methods of statistical inference. Prerequisite: high school
algebra or equivalent. Not open to students who have passed another introductory level statistics course (e.g., CIS 125, STAT 100). Satisfies one of the mathematics concentration requirements for
B.A. in Elementary Education. Satisfies General Education FM requirement.