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Math Counts!

8 credits for 16 students.

Discover Calculus and hone your writing and critical thinking in creative and effective ways. A good FIG for students considering mathematics or the sciences as a major. Students choose one of the following Calculus classes plus take COMP 101 and FY 100. These math courses each satisfy the General Education FM requirement and count for 4 credit hours. For Math course placement, consult Victoria Klawitter or an adviser from the Mathematics Department.

COMP 101-F20 Writing and Critical Thinking 4 Cr. TuTh 11:00-12:15pm Stanavage, L.
Encourages development of writing, critical thinking and the use of information resources. Addresses how language permits communication, shapes thought and changes through time. NOTE: Plus 1 hour TBA. Satisfies General Education FW requirement.

Choose ONE of the following three MATH courses:

MATH 141-F20 Integrated Calculus IA 4 Cr. Tu 9:30-10:45am; MWF 10:00-10:50am Miller, C.
First course of a two-semester sequence that provides mathematical background sufficient for study of calculus and integrates it with the study of calculus. Recommended for students who need a stronger preparation for Calculus I. TI-83 or compatible required. Completion of this two semester sequence is equivalent to the completion of Math 110 (Precalculus) and Math 151 (Calculus I). Satisfies General Education FM requirement.

MATH 151-F20 Calculus 1 4 Cr. Tu 9:30-10:45am MWF 10:00-10:50am Person, L.
Continuity and differentiability of real valued algebraic and trigonometric functions of a single variable, applications and anti-differentiation. Required for mathematics majors. NOTE: T183 or equivalent graphing calculator required. High school precalculus or MATH 110 with a minimum grade of 2.0 or three years of high school Regents level mathematics with at least a 90 in each course recommended. Satisfies General Education FM requirement.

MATH 152-F20 Calculus 2 4 Cr. MWF 9:00-9:50am Tu 9:30-10:45am Ellingsen, H.
Differentiation of transcendental functions, integration with applications, sequences and series. Required for Mathematics majors. Prerequisite: MATH 151 or MATH 141 and MATH 142. NOTE: T183 or equivalent graphing calculator required. Satisfies General Education FM requirement.