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7 credits for 20 students.

This FIG is a good choice for students interested in the legal professions, the social helping professions, or politics. It’s also a good option for Exploratory/Undeclared students who just like to discuss the main policy issues of the day (Partial birth abortion? Restrict or liberalize immigration? Replace the Electoral College?).

PHIL 100-F23 Intro to Philosophy 3 Cr. MWF 2:00-2:50pm DiGiovanna, J.
Exploration of subject matter, problems, methods and aims of philosophy. Satisfies General Education PI requirement.

POLS 110-F23 US Politics: 4 Cr. MTuWTh 11:00-11:50am Lempert, D.
An introduction to the major political institutions in U.S. national politics and the behavior of individuals and groups involved with these institutions. NOTE: Required for all Politics majors and Pre-Law minors. Satisfies General Education SA requirement.