7 credits for 20 students.Coordinator: Daniel Lempert

Students interested in legal professions, social helping professions, politics, or who just like to discuss the main policy issues of the day (Partial birth abortion? Restrict or liberalize immigration? Replace the Electoral College?) will find this a good choice.

95052 POLS 110 Intro to US Politics: 4 Cr. MTuWTh 10-10:50am Lempert, D.
An introduction to the major political institutions in U.S. national politics and the behavior of individuals and groups involved with these institutions. Satisfies General Education SA requirement.

95053 PHIL 100Intro to Philosophy 3 Cr. MWF 2-2:50pm DiGiovanni, P.
Exploration of subject matter, problems, methods and aims of philosophy. Satisfies General Education PI requirement; some sections FC.