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Say What?! Speaking and Writing In Our Global Society 1

9 credits for 12 students. Coordinator: David Bugg

**Resides in First-Year Experience, Bowman East.

(9 credits for 12 bilingual students, second-language writers, or multi-language learners)

In college classes you are going to have to write, write some more -- and then write some more.What do you need to know to be successful in college writing?What sort of writing process, what tools, what new knowledge will boost your success? And what kinds of speaking styles will work best for you in classes, with professors, in presentations?

Well, the professors in this multicultural community are going to guide you through improving the art of written communication with the help of some pizza, a few jokes and a little hard work! We'll look at how our written and spoken communication is influenced by language styles we learn in our families, home communities, schools, and peer groups. We'll explore how those diverse influences shape and enhance our writing and speaking styles. At the same time, we'll be building up your writing and speaking styles for college demands.

95000 COMP 101 Writing and Critical Thinking 4 Cr. MWF 2-3:40pm Mitchell, J.

Encourages development of writing, critical thinking and the use of information resources. Addresses how language permits communication, shapes thought and changes through time. This section of COMP101 is for bilingual and multilingual students. While addressing the same material as other sections of COMP, this course will emphasize assisting second-language writers with the transition to college-level writing. Satisfies General Education FW requirement.

95001 ESL 190 Conversational English 3 Cr. M 2-4:30pm Cobb, T.
Native English speaking students will work alongside bilingual students to practice advanced conversation, listening, and presentation skills specially tailored for academic situations at the college level. All participants will learn more about how English works and sharpen their tools for academic reading and writing. Experienced Potsdam students will collaborate with the class to share strategies for successful speaking, reading, and writing.

93872 FY 100 First Year Success Seminar 2 Cr. Th 5-6:15pmBugg, D.
The First-Year Success Seminar (FYSS) is a two-credit course designed to accelerate students' transition to SUNY Potsdam. FYSS provides students with the opportunity to become integrated into the life of the campus by exploring their academic and social development. A strong emphasis is placed on critical inquiry ? enhancing reading and writing, time management, and study skills. In addition, the course provides an orientation to campus resources and services and encourages self-exploration and personal development.