Natural Science and Pre-Med

12 credits for 20 students –Coordinator: Jan Trybula.

**Resides in First-Year Experience, Bowman West.

Are you interested in a career in a medical profession? Or are you interested in attending graduate programs in biology or biochemistry? Then this FIG is for you! The Natural Science and Pre-Med FIG is for students interested in majoring in Biology or Biochemistry. It includes the required classes for entering careers in the sciences and medical fields. Perfect for first semester pre-Med, pre-Vet, pre-PT, or other pre-health professions as well as those interested in going into graduate programs.

95012 BIOL 151 General Biology-LEC 3 Cr. MWF at 9-9:50am Staff
94147 BIOL 151 General Biology-LAB 1 Cr. Th at 9-11:50am Burdick, P.
95013 BIOL 151 General Biology-REC 1 Cr. Th At 5-5:50pm Staff

Cell structure, function, and regulation of homeostasis.  Topics include cell anatomy, photosynthesis, respiration, cell division, introduction to molecular biology, genetics, and mechanisms of evolution. Lab required for majors. Satisfies General Education SB and LB requirements.

95014 CHEM 105 General Chemistry I-LEC 3 Cr. MWF at 1-1:50pm Molinero, A.
95015 CHEM 105 General Chemistry I-LAB 1 Cr. Tu 9-11:50am Molinero, A.
95016 CHEM 105 General Chemistry I-REC 1 Cr. Th. 4-4:50pmMolinero, A.

An introductory chemistry course for students majoring in a science curriculum or for students who wish to study additional science. Experience in high school science and mathematics is recommended. Laboratory required. Satisfies General Education SP and LB requirements.

93698 FY 100 First Year Success Seminar 2 Cr. Tu 2-3:15pm Trybula, J.
The First-Year Success Seminar (FYSS) is a two-credit course designed to accelerate students' transition to SUNY Potsdam. FYSS provides students with the opportunity to become integrated into the life of the campus by exploring their academic and social development.  A strong emphasis is placed on critical inquiry – enhancing reading and writing, time management, and study skills.  In addition, the course provides an orientation to campus resources and services and encourages self-exploration and personal development.