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Into the Wild

8 credits for 10 students.

Explore the WILD Adirondacks and take advantage of Potsdam’s special location in the “green” part of the great state of New York. Whether it is learning how to rock climb, hiking and backpacking through one of the nation’s most prized wilderness areas, or even exploring the interactions of the human environment and the geologic forces that influence them, the Into the WILD FIG will satisfy your adventurous side. Students will have the opportunity to participate in both indoor and outdoor activities that reflect this WILD theme. Whether you are new to exploring the outdoors or grew up in the outdoors, this FIG will offer you the opportunity to grow and learn and establish great bonds with fellow students. At only 8 credits, this FIG allows students to explore other areas of interest by adding additional courses of their choice to complete a full course load. NOTE: Some courses require lab fees that cover the required equipment. Backpacking requires students to acquire proper footwear and clothing for outdoor activities. — lists will be provided by instructors at the first class meeting.

GEOL 101-F18 Environmental Geology-LEC 2 Cr. WF TBD Pearson, A.
GEOL 101-F18 Environmental Geology-LAB 1 Cr. M 9:00-10:50am Pearson, A.

A study of geology and the human environment. Topics begin with the basics of geology: minerals and rocks, the earth’s internal structure, earthquakes, volcanoes and plate tectonics. Surface processes affecting the environment include stream behavior and flooding, groundwater, and air pollution. The course examines laws governing the extraction and use of water, as well as energy sources and environmental concerns. Laboratory includes field trips in the Potsdam area and the use of geological and topographic maps. Satisfies General Education SP, LB requirements.

WILD 160-F18 @Introduction to Rock Climbing 1 Cr. MWF 6:00-8:00pm Hosmer, M.
Technical skills include belay techniques, movement, on rock, rappelling, and safety systems. Students will utilize the indoor climbing wall in Maxcy Hall as part of this course. $21 fee
assessed by WILD Department. START/END DATES: 08/28-09/3. MWF 6-8 pm and class all day Saturday/ Sunday. Satisfies 1 General Education PE experience.

WILD 240-F18 @Backpacking 3 Cr. MW 7:30-9:00am and Sa 7:00am-3:00pm Simon, M.
Introduction to Leave No Trace camping skills, clothing/equipment selection and use, food planning/expedition nutrition, map interpretation, are among topics covered. Culminates in a four day
backpacking trip. $58 fee assessed by WILD Department. Satisfies 1 General Education PE experience.

HLTH 165-F18 Health: A Lifestyle Approach-Rec 1 Cr. MW 12:00-12:50 Wheeler, A.
Students will learn and practice the skills of researching, developing and delivering informative and persuasive speeches through critical analysis of the interrelatedness of humans and the environment. Students will choose speech topics that are central to the Into the WILD FIG; topics may include: wilderness studies, theories inherent in wilderness recreation, modes of wilderness
recreation and environmental geology. Satisfies General Education FS requirement.

FY 100-F18 @First Year Success Seminar 2 Cr. Tu TBD Wheeler, A.
The First-Year Success Seminar (FYSS) is a two-credit course designed to accelerate students’ transition to SUNY Potsdam. FYSS provides students with the opportunity to become integrated into the life of the campus by exploring their academic and social development. A strong emphasis is placed on critical inquiry – enhancing reading and writing, time management, and study skills. In addition, the course provides an orientation to campus resources and services and encourages self-exploration and personal development.