Online Orientation for Transfer Students

Congratulations and welcome transfer students! Ideally, we would like to see all transfer students attend orientation however, we realize that this is not always an option for everyone.

In an effort to serve our incoming transfer students more efficiently, we now offer a choice of orientation options:

  1. Follow the Transfer Student Orientation steps (link to begin is below) to complete an online orientation session. The orientation session should take approximately 90 minutes and you must get at least 70% of the quiz correct to be eligible for registration.

    Those students choosing to take the quiz are also required to attend a mandatory “Welcome Dinner” on Sunday, August 31st. This dinner will allow you to connect with some of the staff from the Student Success Center as well as with other transfer students.

  2. Your other option is to sign up for the Transitions Conference half-day orientation session held the Saturday before each semester begins.

Directions for taking the Online Orientation Session:

  • At each step there will be a link to another section of the SUNY Potsdam Website where you can learn about the college and services we offer.
  • Familiarize yourself with the information in each of these sections.
  • Then at the 12th step, there will be a link you will need to use to complete an online quiz.
  • Please do not use Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) to complete this quiz! There is a compatibility issue that obscures the "submit" button, preventing easy submission. Please use the Mozilla Firefox web browser. You can download Mozilla Firefox from